UINDO Monthly Membership



The redeem code will be shared on provided email-id.

  • Diamond Rewards: Under purchase, claim 500 diamonds immediately and maximum 2100 accumulated diamonds from daily check in.
  • Other Reward: 
  1. Monthly Member Icon: A proud symbol of an esteemed Monthly member.
  2. Discount Store privilege: An exclusive right to enjoy offers at the Discount Store.
  3. Second Chance: Use to make up for missed check in days for Weekly/Monthly Memberships
  4. Universal EP Badge: Use to obtain this season’s EP Badges
  5. Weapon Skin Gift Box: Get one 30-day trial gun skin of your choice from the six below:
  • Futuristic (SCAR)
  • MP40- Sneaky Clown
  • M1014- Winterlands
  • Thompson Time Travellers
  • FAMAS – Swagger Ownage
  • M4A1-Pink Laminate


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